World Bee Day

A collection of articles in Nature Ecology & Evolution highlighting the importance of bees in natural and managed ecosystems.

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A systems approach reveals urban pollinator hotspots and conservation opportunities

How to help pollinators in cities

Ecological and evolutionary approaches to managing honeybee disease

Pesticide reduces bumblebee colony initiation and increases probability of population extinction

Honeybee spillover reshuffles pollinator diets and affects plant reproductive success

Risks to pollinators and pollination from invasive alien species

Evolution of queen cuticular hydrocarbons and worker reproduction in stingless bees

Past and potential future effects of habitat fragmentation on structure and stability of plant–pollinator and host–parasitoid networks

Community-wide integration of floral colour and scent in a Mediterranean scrubland

An invasive social insect overcomes genetic load at the sex locus

Patrick Goymer

Chief Editor, Nature Ecology & Evolution

Patrick joined Nature Publishing Group in 2005 as an Assistant Editor at Nature Reviews Genetics and Nature Reviews Cancer. In 2008 he moved to Nature, where he served as Senior Editor covering ecology and evolution, before becoming Chief Editor of Nature Ecology & Evolution in 2016. He has handled primary manuscripts and review articles across the entire breadth of ecology and evolution, as well as advising and writing for other sections of Nature. Patrick has a degree in genetics from the University of Cambridge, did his DPhil in experimental evolution at the University of Oxford, and did postdoctoral work on evolutionary and ecological genetics at University College London in association with Imperial College London at Silwood Park.