September 20th 2019 Global Strike For Climate (acting on our warnings to humanity)

Planet earth is going through important anthropogenic changes which environmental scientists refer to as Global Change.

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Main components of Global change are Climate change, Land use change and Biodiversity Loss. Changes are so strong and ubiquitous than a new era has been defined, the Anthropocene.

Human population has raised from 3 to over 7 billion individuals in the last 50 years; meaning that space, water and food are eventually going to be limiting. Our population does not grow uniformly, the growth being more alarming in developing countries.

This is due partly to societal attitude towards women, their education, their access to control birth and the freedom to choose about their own lives. No political or societal change will make possible for our population to continue growing since earth and its resources are physically limited. Therefore, feminism (i.e. equal rights and opportunities to education and decision) is going to be a critical tool if we are to stabilize our population in a manageable number in equilibrium with our planet.

Besides stabilizing population size, we need to secure water and crops and that requires stopping the natural ecosystems and biodiversity loss. Biodiversity is critical to food security since it provides ecosystem services such as pest control, crop pollination and seed dispersal as well as it ensures the correct functioning of water cycle. Biodiversity is also critical to the good functioning of carbon cycle and therefore the climate change mitigation. Biodiversity is affected mainly by reduction of wild area and climate change although it is also affected by changes in human livelihoods. Traditional human livelihoods (before industrial revolution) are linked to higher levels of diversity of animal and plant species which coevolved with human being for millennia.

Ensuring a future for human population would therefore require active Protection and Management of Land Use and Biodiversity through  Ecosystem Conservation and Restoration but also we need Protection of Traditional Human Livelihoods  and Global Feminism

Mar Sobral

Researcher, University of Santiago de Compostela

I am a scientist @USC, Spain, previously @US (Stanford) and France (CNRS). The core of my professional activity is on the one hand the evolutionary ecology of plant-animal interactions and on the other, the research on the impact of global change on biodiversity, particularly regarding ecosystem functions and services such as carbon storage. I am also engaged in science outreach (enjoy and on fighting gender discrimination in academy (