January 2020 cover

This month's cover by Owen Davey (Folio Art) celebrates some of the extinct species that have featured in the journal over the last three years.
January 2020 cover

Top, left to right: Suskityrannus hazelae (https://rdcu.be/bZQyi) and Mansourasaurus shahinae (https://rdcu.be/bZQyn); middle, left to right: Ingentia prima (https://rdcu.be/bZQyq), Elasmotherium sibiricum (https://rdcu.be/bZQys), Caelestiventus hanseni (https://rdcu.be/bZQyy), Inquicus fellatus (https://rdcu.be/bZQyz) and Chimerarachne yingi (https://rdcu.be/bZQyG); bottom, left to right: an anurognathid pterosaur (https://rdcu.be/bZQyN) and Ursus spelaeus (https://rdcu.be/bZQyR).

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