Women in Science-Ecology Virtual conference 4th, 5th and 6th of November 2020

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Three days of online talks and round tables.

Check out our stellar speakers and our program

In academy, it is necessary to protect and make visible groups historically discriminated against, such as women because the knowledge society requires a diverse and tolerant academic space, in accordance with social reality.

Only by promoting diversity within our collective can we generate an environment that is enriching and inclusive enough for groundbreaking ideas and innovative projects to emerge that advance our knowledge of ecology, and that provide answers to the current ecological crisis.

WISE is an international virtual event organized by Mar Sobral and Sara Varela as the equality commission of the Spanish Association of Terrestrial Ecology (AEET) with the purpose to achieve a long-term objective: to promote diversity in the academic world.

In WISE we will

… listen to world-known scientists and learn from their careers

… discuss key vulnerabilities that stop/difficult women’s careers in Ecology (invisibility, maternity or harassment,…)

identify activities and protocols to visibilize and protect women’s careers, to be implemented by different ecological societies participating (ecological societies from Britain, Portugal , Spain, Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

 SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar Sobral

Researcher, University of Santiago de Compostela

I am a scientist @USC, Spain, previously @US (Stanford) and France (CNRS). The core of my professional activity is on the one hand the evolutionary ecology of plant-animal interactions and on the other, the research on the impact of global change on biodiversity, particularly regarding ecosystem functions and services such as carbon storage. I am also engaged in science outreach (enjoy https://vimeo.com/218616392) and on fighting gender discrimination in academy (https://www.wisecology.net/about-wise/).