Annemieke Milks

Hon. Research Fellow, UCL
  • UCL
  • United Kingdom

About Annemieke Milks

My research is centred on the archaeology of Pleistocene humans, and in particular, subsistence behaviours and technologies. I completed my doctorate in 2018 at UCL's Institute of Archaeology, from where I also hold an MSc in Palaeoanthropology and Palaeolithic Archaeology. My expertise is in hunting technologies, with the focus of my doctorate specifically on the use of wooden spears. Since 2009 I have collaborated on excavations and analysis of materials from archaeological sites in Spain, France, Jersey, Germany and the UK, and conducted experimental work in collaboration with Cranfield Defence and Security (Defence Academy of the UK) and Loughborough University.

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Early Neanderthal spears: going the distance

Can javelin athletes help us evaluate a technology made by Middle Pleistocene humans?


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