Isabelle Ribot

Professor Bioarchaeology, University of Montreal
  • University of Montreal
  • Canada

About Isabelle Ribot

After 4 years in France (training in Paris I, Master in Prehistory 1989), I continued my studies in England at University of Sheffield and Bradford (MSc in Osteology, 1992), and then worked 5 years at the Institute of Natural Sciences and RMCA, Tervuren. Between 1997 and 2002, I returned to England at the University of Cambridge, for a M.Phil. and a Ph.D. in biological anthropology. Between 2003 and 2005, I carried out 2 postdoctoral positions at the University of Cape Town (Medical School, Archaeology), before working in Canada (University of Montréal). My research focuses on various aspects of bioarchaeology in Quebec (i.e. health, diet and mobility of 18th-19th c AD populations) and in Africa (i.e. past morphological diversity, interactions between hunter-gatherers and agriculturists, IA/LSA/colonial archaeology).


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