Annika Maria Felton

university lecturer, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Sweden


Behavioural ecology Biodiversity Boreal ecology Conservation biology Ecophysiology Ecosystem services Forest ecology Forestry Theoretical ecology Tropical ecology


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Feb 18, 2020
Replying to Fabio Berzaghi

Interesting work! Did you look at the net energy content of the different type of browse throughout the year, or for example young vs mature leaves? It is true that browse height is important but also fiber and lignin content are important factors. I am curious to know if the individuals who had a wider choice of food were selective or bulk feeders.

Hi Fabio, thanks for your comment. Good questions! I agree that the chemical contents of the forage are very important factors to consider. In this study we only focused on the winter season, not the whole year. But we did sample food plants (twigs, needles, shrubs), and conducted chemical analyses both on these plants and on the rumen samples themselves. We have found interesting patterns here, and this will be the focus of another paper coming up soon. With these data I cannot answer your question about the selectivity vs bulk feeding, but we have found interesting things regarding the moose' macronutrient balancing, and the disrupting effect of energy rich root vegetables on the nutritional balance of the moose' rumen. Stay tuned :)