Benedikt Speißer

PhD Student, University of Konstanz
  • University of Konstanz
  • Germany

About Benedikt Speißer

Since I started studying biology I was fascinated and impressed by the complexity of nature. To better understand the interactions and processes shaping our environment, I started working in ecology. I'm mainly interested in how global change affects plant systems. In detail, I'm investigating how plants respond to major global change factors such as light and plastic pollution (especially microplastics), and the potential implications of such responses for plant communities.


Biodiversity Climate-change ecology Community ecology Grassland ecology Invasive species

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Global change - more than the sum of its parts?

Global change as multifactorial process encompasses a variety of factors, many of which often cooccur in time and space. We show that, next to effects of individual factors, cooccurrence of multiple factors itself might be an important and so far mainly overlooked ecological aspect of global change.


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