Sorrel Bunting (She/Her)

Head of Communities and Engagement, Springer Nature
  • United Kingdom

About Sorrel Bunting

Current Head of Communities and Engagement at Springer Nature, focused on supporting digital engagement with research through online communities, blogs and social media. I have a special interest in public engagement with research and communicating science in interesting and innovative ways.


Publishing Science Communication

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Mar 21, 2022
Replying to Rhudaina Mohammad

Hi, I think my profile is complete already, but I am unable to view my profile page. It just leads me to this page that says: “The user has hidden their profile on Nature Portfolio Ecology & Evolution Community.” I can’t any option to hide or unhide the profile page. Please help. Thanks.

Hi @Rhudaina Mohammad, thanks for your comment. Your profile should now be visible and we're looking into why this wasn't happening before. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.


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